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How Will Six Sigma
Work for Your Business

Does Your Business face any of these similar issues?

σ         Quality

σ         Cash Management

σ         Accounts Payables or Receivables

σ         Payroll Procedures

σ         Overtime

σ         Tracking Orders

σ         Shipping


A Six Sigma project scope could include analysis of and improvements in these areas. You will determine the area of operations that the Six Sigma project will encompass.

Schooner Group will focus on providing onsite consulting services to conduct Six Sigma projects to measure, analyze and make recommendations for the improvement of efficiency for your business operations and services.

Schooner Group will be contracted by your company to provide a Six-Sigma Black Belt to lead a team charged to make operational improvements.

This team will include key decision makers, department heads, supervisors and front line personnel.

We will lead and assist the team in defining the issue and the operational methods to be utilized to measure the issue.

We will conduct an analysis of the data collected to make recommendations to the project team for means of improving your business are effecting your bottomline.


Push/Pull of

Budgetary Forces

Time & Money


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